1. Ted Palmer

    I have portable wheelchairs and the snap and go. I love the ease of use and functionality of this scooter! It is my go to! I even added some aluminum square stock to seat base so now I can use my cane holders and such!!
  2. George Yeates

    Power button broke because of rough treatment on a tour bus.. had to order LCD display unit ..ordered and received promptly and installed it myself with no problem.. although very happy with your service
  3. Tom

    I bought this scooter for my wife to use on a cruise vacation. Before selecting the SNAPnGO I researched reviews on Amazon and other websites. I wanted a lightweight scooter that was foldable, had long battery life, was well built, but was compact enough to be used in airports and cruise ships. After a couple of months of use, I can report that the SNAPnGO fills the bill almost perfectly! The scooter is very well built and easy to assemble. The seat is large, well padded and comfortable. For our cruise we removed the arm rests so the seat could be more easily folded over the collapsed front post. (Glion even includes an elastic strap to secure the seat on the folded scooter). Unfolding the scooter and reattaching the seat is easy - just unlock the front post, pull it up until it snaps into its running position, install the seat post and set the seat in position. At the airport my wife was able to ride it down the jetway to the airplane. I removed the battery and took it as a carryon into the plane. The airline crew put the scooter in the baggage compartment and it was back on our arrival jetway by the time we got off the plane. (Hint: unlock the battery before entering the jetway to avoid juggling keys at the door of the plane.)
  4. Vicki Currier

    I have had my Snap N Go for a couple of years now, and I love it! I did manage to tip it, going too fast up an incline with a sharp left turn immediately at the top. Learned my lesson there. I am 70 next month and have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I unboxed, put it all together, and can get it in & out of my SUV and set up by myself. That was my goal in searching for a scooter! Hoping to find out how it works at the airports soon, which I am concerned about, but many of these reviews say it's great. Thank you Glion for a great product!
  5. Jud Carpenter

    My mom purchased the older model of this scooter 5 years ago and it has been fantastic. She uses it every day around the house and the battery is still strong. She even flies with it and the airlines do not charge any extra. It is light enough for me to lift inside my truck. Even lighter if you remove the seat. The airlines did crack the foot platform and I had to order a new one from Glion. Great experience as well. I would highly recommend this scooter.
  6. Big Blue

    TO my surprise , this scooter is great. Its easy to set up and very easy to ride and its fun to ride. I have trouble walking long distance and this scooter is just the thing to remedy that
  7. customer

    Scooter drives nice and even turns sharp in aisles. It is easy for the wife to load in the back of the car and does not take up much space.
  8. Gay

    This little scooter has changed my life. So easy to fold up and put in the back of our car. I HIGHLY recommend it. The Customer Service is great and answers all inquiries quickly and efficiently. A great company.
  9. Larry Peterson

    This is the second scooter I have purchased. The first one is still going strong. Good quality scooter and the price is right.
  10. M. Anderson

    I am very happy with this scooter. I was worried about it climbing our long driveway with a fairly steep section but my 200 lb son made it up the hill with the speed on setting 3.
  11. M. Estebar

    Had it for a year now and is the best investment I've made for myself! Lightweight and powerful. I'm 165 lbs and runs no problem. My kids enjoy using it as well for fun. Traveled on planes to Las Vegas, Japan, Guam and Philippines. Airlines are ok with it because you can remove the lithium battery and have carry on planes with you! Now I see they have a mini version of it and I'm interested about owning that as well.
  12. [email protected]

    I have had this scooter for three years and I do like it. I enjoy driving around the area where I live. I used to walk it but those days are over. I like that this scooter can go faster than most other scooters. Thank you
  13. Victor

    Glion makes the very best, highest quality, lightest mobility scooters I have ever seen. But more so their service is exemplary. Lori is amazing and can explain in intricate detail yet with complete clarity, the replacement of parts or creative ways to make it more comfortable. They are generous and kind and Go out of their way to accommodate their customers. Their greatest guarantee is peace of mind. I have two of their scooters and they work beautifully.
  14. L.J.

    In my research I was looking for a lightweight scooter that could be easily loaded on Amtrak or any commercial airline. The SnapnGo was perfect at 37 lbs. I purchased the extra battery so I could tour for extended lengths of time without worry. The speed of the scooter allows me to get around as fast as I like. An Improvement I'd pay for would be air filled tube tires instead of solid rubber. Certain sidewalks around D.C. are extremely bumpy and the jarring hurts, Lol.
  15. Rick Borba

    I had a failed back surgery 3 years ago and after having my wife push me in a wheel chair, because I could no longer walk long distances, the Snap n Go model 335 has given me my life back! It is so manageable, easy to use, lite, and far surpasses any of the large, clumsy, overloaded mobility chairs that we were previously considering. The best $1300 we have ever spent! Outstanding scooter/mobility device!
  16. Craig Ruesch

    I started 7 years ago with a model 315. I took it all over the world with nary a problem until a tour bus driver dropped it in a puddle last year. I've since gotten it fixed (Thanks to the service dept. for your help!) but bought a model 335 so now I have a backup. It's a great scooter. The airlines have no problem with me driving to the cabin door and leaving it there to be stowed underneath and then brought up so it's waiting for me when I get off the plane. It's been great for cruises, shore excursions and you name it. Thanks Glion for making it possible for me to keep traveling! I'm always getting stopped by people who want to know about my Snap n Go.
  17. Mich

    We purchased this scooter back in 2020 and now that I have used it for a couple of years I can tell you this is a useful scooter and if I had to buy another one for one reason or another I would buy the same one again. I drive a minivan and it fits very nice on one side of the vehicle. We went on vacation last year and had no problem with space. The scooter went on one side and our bags went on the other. The scooter is light enough that I can get it in and out of the van with no problems and when my back and leg is really hurting I grab one end and my wife grabs the other and it’s very easy getting it in and out, but like I said normally I have no problems with just me. Now the fun part,when I first got this scooter I weighed about 260 and this scooter moved around with no problems, normally in stores I keep it in first gear and my wife is right beside me as we shop. When I want to get somewhere a little quicker I put it in second gear and that little scooter shoots across the store, it is pretty quick. Overall I would give the little scooter a thumbs up, would recommend it to friends, and would buy another if something happened to this one. It is a fun versatile easy to use scooter.
  18. Taylor

    I got this for my mom and she loves it. The first time she took it out for a rip she fell in love. It moves at hurricane speeds and is very comfortable. Extremely easy to fold up, battery is easy to remove, easy to get in and out of, battery seems to last a long time.
  19. Richard

    Really like my new scooter. Hope it lasts for a long time.. So far it is a great scooter! I will update this if anything changes.
  20. Toma

    Took to Disney this past week. Absolutely loved it
  21. Jill

    I just received my snap and go scooter. I absolutely love it. Wish I would’ve gotten it sooner. Really fast, handles well, tight turns, extremely fast. Love love love love it! Customer service is the best. I did have an issue with the scooter, I called them and a live person answered the phone, listened to my issue, put a repair tech on the phone with me. The tech diagnosed the issue over the phone. They overnighted parts to my home and another tech came to my house and made the repair. They are 100% committed to providing top notch customer service. I cannot recommend this scooter enough. I get stopped every time I ride it by people asking where I purchased it and how it rides. This scooter has changed my life. I am at the max weight limit and it works like a champ. Goes super fast when I need it to. Has all the bells and whistles (basket, horn, headlight). Buy this mobility scooter, you will not regret it!
  22. Robear

    I love the New Glion 335 SnapNGo Scooter. This scooter I purchased for myself for fun, outdoors, to take to the park, ride around the lake, as it is quicker than walking around the park which would take me more time. However I am able to zip through with speed faster than walking which I really enjoy. I can get up to over 6.7-7 miles and I'm very Happy with this. The specifications say a max. speed 0f 5-6 in 3 gear, all depends upon weight, ground, level, smmoth train. I love how it is easy to fold and unfold, it is lightweight to carry with handles to roll away and stand upright, does not take up much space. I highly recommend this scooter, it has a very comfortable seat. Setup is very easy, attach the foot rest, and off you go. I'm in love ! Thank you Snap N-Go for making an Awesome scooter which is faster than 4.0 miles Yeah ! Get one you will not be disappointed !
  23. Mary Saucier

    Love my scooter the first one I got was a little heavier now I don’t use it at all. The best thing I ever bought.
  24. John B.

    I was looking for a mobility scooter to use on a cruise. I Considered the rental scooters that are available where the scooter is in your stateroom when you get on the ship, but there were some mixed reviews on those, so I started looking to purchase one. I looked at the weight, speed, capacity and cost. The Snap n Go came out best overall. I purchased one from a dealer and less than a month later I was taking it on the cruise. It seems like every airport has gotten big and you have to go a long ways from check-in to the gate and the gate to baggage claim and I don’t know if I could have made it. Using it on the ship was great, with cruise ships getting bigger every day. I did generate some interest from some of the other passengers that saw me zipping around and also using it on excursions, including one in Rome with 4 miles of cobblestone streets to ride. All of the staffs from the airlines to shuttles to the ship were extremely helpful with the entire process and now I can’t wait until my next cruise in February.

  26. Jennifer

    It is light and easy to use.
  27. Fred

    Box arrived in good shape. The how to videos are great to watch on unboxing and how to assemble. It's very easy to assemble, not much to assemble. This scooter is rock solid. It is a little more expensive than I planned to spend, but worth every penny. Very well engineered! I bought the optional bicycle seat because I wanted to keep everything as light as possible, I'm 73 and not in the best shape. Fits in my trunk, so I don't need a scooter carrier mounted to the back of my car. It's plenty fast and the range is as advertised, I weight 165 lbs. I've got my freedom back! Just an update, the scooter went on sale and the Glion kindly refunded me the difference, now that just reinforces what a great company they are. I highly recommend you do business with them.
  28. Dawn

    My Dad has COPD and it’s getting harder for him to get around. Wanting him to be able to enjoy each day and after MUCH research, I decided on the Glion. Only feedback is having to hold them button as he does the entire ride which starts to hurt his arthritic hand but everything else is perfecto!!!
  29. Betty

    I am a retired aircraft engineer (amputee) and super picky! The design and construction is aircraft quality. The engineers spent a lot of time making sure every un-needed ounce was removed. Design is simple, elegant I would say! 31# weight is phenomenally low. The structure is aircraft quality aluminum, I'd bet 6061-T6 and the welds are aircraft quality. Front wheel drive, and the drive motor is built into the front wheel. Turning radius is super tight. I can't think of any improvements I'd make. I'll probably buy another one!
  30. Infraggable Krunk

    This thing is amazing. My dad has respiratory problems that have inhibited him from doing a lot of the hobbies/events he used to go out and attend and enjoy. He is physically fine and needed something he could pull in and out of his van as needed. This thing was perfect for him. He's on the heavy side, 270lbs, but it trucks right along with ease. I have to remind him to drop it down to 1st some times so I don't have to walk so fast ha! He's now back to going to Market Days in the city and tooling around his other hobbies. I'm so glad this scooter was made as it really did give my dad a quality of life improvement.
  31. Leone

    It was a little heavy for two old folks to put together. It’s hard to balance the seat on the footrest, but we used it on ship on a cruise and it maneuvers very well.
  32. Barbara

    I am sooooo pleased with my Glion SNAPnGO. I had an Amigo first, and had so many problems getting it in and out of my car each time I wanted to use it because of the weight. The Glion is so much easier. I'm a 78 year old single woman and I can manage it myself, getting it in and out of my car. I was even able to put it together myself. I had to come in from the garage and watch their Help YouTube video a couple of times, but eventually I did it. The battery life is amazing and the ride is totally comfortable. The other feature I love is you can stand it on end, making storage minimal. I am thrilled with my purchase and highly recommend buying one.
  33. John

    good for the cost. Rated higher that smart scoot 300lbs opposed to 250lbs SS.
  34. Katherine

    Love everything about it Update.. I've had my snap n go scooter for about a year now. I tell you this is still the best out there. I can go in and out of stores with ease. Also take I'm back to seeing the world again. I have no problem lifting and folding my scooter to put it in car. You literally "snap n go" I'm ordering the smaller seat now for short trips. I'm totally in love with my scooter. Did I mention the life of the battery?? Still charged. (Lol) it's so easy to charge. You can leave on scooter and charge or take battery with you to charge. Fits in a slightly large purse or a tote. Convenient! Everything about this scooter is made with you in mind.


  1. edie

    Great scooter! Second Glion and this one has great power, very long battery, fantastic commute scooter! I love, love, love my "Aluminum Falcon." It is incredibly well lighted compared to other scooters, so it's highly visable. And as far as speed, I've only encountered one scooter that can outpace it on my daily commutes in SF. So it's top of the line in getting you there quickly AND safely. Some key notes tho. It is VERY heavy compared to the Dolly. You can still carry it, but you can not sling it around like the original Dolly. It can be very tippy when you pull it with the carrying handle, so you have to be mindful. And there are some really sharp edges in the underside of the handlebars, so when you are expanding or collapsing it, you need to avoid putting your hand anywhere near there or you WILL end up cutting yourself. A few quirks, but overall I'm INCREDIBLY happy with my SECOND Glion purchase.
  2. fab

    This is my first experience with this brand. This was promoted as a commute scooter, but I use it for everyday pleasure. I can't comment on the long commute to or from work. I can only share my opinion with my local use at parks. For starters, this scooter is amazing, and it has many features. A powerful 400-watt rear hub motor that can propel you up to 18 miles per hour. The motor is quiet and reliable and can handle hills and rough terrain with ease. A long-lasting 36V 12.8 ah lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 25 miles of range on a single charge. The battery is removable and can be charged in 3.5 hours using the included charger. You can also monitor the battery level and speed on the LCD display on the handlebar. A durable and lightweight aluminum frame that can support up to 300 lbs of weight. A dual headlamp system that can illuminate your way in the dark. The scooter has two bright LED lights on the front and a red brake light on the back, making you visible and alerting others of your presence. The scooter also has a horn button that can produce a loud sound to warn pedestrians and vehicles. A front and rear mechanical brake system that can stop the scooter quickly and smoothly. The scooter has a hand brake lever on the right and a foot brake pedal on the left, giving you more control and options to brake. Although, I loved everything about the scooter for my basic needs. The scooter is so heavy that rolling it around would be impossible if I had to use this for my commute to work and back. I tried to roll it up and down the block, and it almost always tips over with every roll and bump. It's so heavy that I can't control where it rolls next. I do appreciate how compact it is and can be easily stored in the closet or corner and takes up less space because of the folding features. There's pros and cons to everything, and so far, the pros are winning.
  3. D J L

    Pros: Came almost fully assembled, Speedy, Long battery life, Called support with a question, they were GREAT, Solid, and I mean solid, Very well packaged for shipping. Cons: It's a bit heavy I would buy this again in a minute, I am very happy with this. It's a bit heavy
  4. K Dinh

    This electric scooter is really cool! It works great and is powerful. It's fast too. The setup was easy enough and simple. Using this scooter is a breeze. It performs really nicely and loving it so far!
  5. Mel P

    Easy to set up, works great, charge is good
  6. Jay

    Awesome secret sauce!! We have had the older Glion scooters for years. And just upgraded to three new Glion XL’s!! LOVE THEM!!
  7. Russ

    Great scooter and fun to drive. I like the hill climbing ability. I live two miles from the grocery store and do 90% of my grocery shopping on a Glion. I can even roll it inside the library when I study. I use this for longer trips (4 miles out and back) and my Glion 225 for shorter trips.
  8. Tim R.

    I have logged thousands of miles on Glion Dolly scooters since their original Kickstarter in 2014 and the Dolly XL is their best yet! It is more of everything in comfort, stability, and safety. I love the wider deck, bigger pneumatic tires, double headlights, hand brakes, and taillight. But it still is just as easy to fold for storage during the workday, not to mention that it's a blast to ride!
  9. Super

    The Gilon DollyXL is amazing. I have other electric scooters and this one is superior in every way. Let's talk about its most important feature "DOLLY" meaning it can be easily lugged around because when you stand it upright it has wheels on the side to easily pull around like a travel suitcase, it also has a handle that retracts to make lugging easy. If you've ever had a scooter, it's HEAVY, this is a revolutionary feature if you are a true e-scooter commuter. The wheel is larger so it has PSI in it (some people don't like that because of occasionally having to handle deflated tires down the road). But the bigger wheel is just fundamentally a better ride. It goes over cracks better and uneven platforms better and handles wet surfaces well. The motor makes a slight noise to make sure people around you can hear you are coming. But not too loud where it's obnoxious. It has three modes, eco mode is below 5 miles which is great in areas where there are a lot of pedestrians, medium picks up really fast, and the fastest speed is up to 18 mph. It has a range of 28 miles. It's well-built and strong. The kickstand is quality, and the LCD monitor is gorgeous. There are two brakes (left for the back wheel, and right for the front). There's cruise control (convenient). The horn is a real horn, people will move out of the way because it's loud! lol but I appreciate this. There are two-night lights for further and closer visibility. Overall, I'm in love with it so much I will buy from them in the future.
  10. Daniel

    I’ve been a long time customer and they have great customer support with repair parts in stock if needed. Sent my scooter in for repair and received it back within a week. The Dolly XL is a great scooter with a wide standing board and dual lights so people can see you.
  11. D Schmertz

    I'm a tall, bigger guy and this moves me with zero issue. Really gets moving, and the battery lasts a good long time too. Easy to collapse. Brake is solid, no complaints.
  12. Ileana

    I love it! BUILT VERY STRONG AND IS FAST.. the perfect scooter and u can collapse and bring it with you. Yay!! I had the first and I love it too and this one is great.
  13. Akio

    This scooter is quite impressive. There is immediate power and speed that can be felt on the high setting and surprisingly runs a long time! The dolly system is a little gimmicky. If the ground is not completely flat, it can feel as if you were taking a wobbly trashcan out to the road. Personally, I prefer walking it in an open state and folding it when I need to store it. We initially bought it to take our dogs out for a quick walk, but found immediate enjoyment that could only be described as feeling like a kid again. As of right now (~2 months), we have had nothing but good experiences with the Glion DollyXL. I will update if anything changes.
  14. Stan

    We love your scooters! We bought 2 original Dolly scooters 3 years ago and have rode them almost daily. We have put a lot of miles on these with no problems of any kind. These are very durable and well made. In addition to being really practical they are super fun. We use the Dollys so much that we wanted a spare in case we wrecked one. When we saw there’s a new XL version we had to get some. After a couple rides we are very impressed. This is a whole new machine. The original Dolly is like a sporty compact and the Dolly XL is the luxury model. We love the cushy ride and added electronic functions, especially the cruise control. The bicycle like brakes are also a big plus if you cycle and switch machines a lot. Both the original and the XL share excellent handling and controllability especially at very slow speeds. This makes them great for exploring and sightseeing. These scooters easily fold into a very compact package that rolls like a carry on bag. They also take almost no space when standing up. No other scooters we looked at did this. The service/support staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and quick to help with any questions or issues. The fact that this company is located in our state (Nebraska) also factored in to make all this a great deal. We highly recommend these scooters!
  15. kwalmsley

    I got my XL on Christmas Eve Day and today 12/27/2022 was the first time I took it on what will be its normal commute. This is first impressions. I've worn out two standard dolly's in the past 6 yrs. My normal commute on the scooter is 8 miles total consisting of 1 way between my home and an LA metro station (3miles) and a 1 mile commute to lunch and back. I have a second charger at work, so I would charge the standard dolly's at work. The two standard dolly's I considered worn out when they would no longer do the 3 miles on a full charge. Good things about the XL, the high speed was 17.5mph (Im 215lbs). The hand brakes are so much better than the electric brakes on the standard dolly. Cruise control is wonderful. The pneumatic tires make for a much much smoother ride and eliminate the standard dolly rattle. Contrary to the manual you can change from mid to high speed without stopping, I did it with no issues while coasting (ie no cruise and thumb off the accelerator). The only negative I noticed was there are a lot more external wires on the XL, I'm concerned about snagging while dragging it on and off buses. It is 15lb heavier than the dolly so if lugging the standard dolly is an issue for you, the XL will be harder. It is a different charger than the standard dolly, not sure if I will charge at work or not, need more data. Most of the 3 miles this morning was at High Speed, the battery shows 39.6V, the battery gauge shows 100% full. Ill see where I am at the end of the day when the full 8 daily commute miles are on it.


  1. Darrell hill

    I really like it and it is real top notch build also really comfortable for the price of it I would buy again
  2. George Henry

    I pre-ordered and now have 1 yr. 9 mo. service from my Balto. Fantastic machine. Love mine. A GREAT value! It’s my land transportation, kept on my sailboat. I also use my 2 Dollys as “last mile” solutions carried in my SUVs. Love them, too!
  3. Hector Rosales

    Great scooter, surprisingly torquey, and very comfortable. I have to comment on the review from Min because he claims a lower range then expected. Make sure your tires are filled to max pressure because this will make the biggest difference in range besides weight and terrain. If you ride on sidewalks and are constantly stopping then this will drain the battery faster as well since it uses more power every time you stop as opposed to riding in bike lanes and paved bike trails. This scooter has the potential to go over 20 miles on flat ground without any stops so it all depends on your weight, tire pressure and riding style.
  4. Nino Pereira

    **** I've used the Balto since early 2021, in a city environment. The scooter is ideal for taking your (small) child to school, thanks to its wide step and the luggage rack. The range is fine for my purposes. The sole problem that was not my own fault has been dealt with quickly and professionally by the technical staff at glion. This is a gradual fading of the brake. Glion sent me a replacement brake assembly, under warranty, which solved the problem. This excellent support gives me a lot of confidence in the scooter's quality: I hope to enjoy it for many years to come.


  1. Harmony Rain

    I FINALLY HAVE MY FREEDOM BACK thanks to my cute red Glion Mini! I am TRULY AMAZED at how tough yet precise this little power-house is! I have a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy so I vacillate between walking in small places with my Orthopedic Personally-Designed "boot" along with 2 Compression Wrist Guards to 2 Double-Forearm 360° Tip Canes to a full-blown Walker with built-in seat to wheelchair, and NOW to free-to-be-me Mobility (like) Scooter, depending on my corresponding difficulties and/or Procedures I have that day... and there was NO DOUBT that with ALL of the different Medical Mobility Devises THIS "Glion Mini", which I've named: my Scooty Cutie (yes... I do get a lot of wonderful looks and questions as to "where people can get themselves one"... even healthy teenagers are interested, which, if you have any healthy teenagers, then you know it's GOT TO BE FUN to show ANY interest whatsoever!! Also, I live in Upstate New York in a small Mountain Town and in a home with a 550' driveway with rolling hills and curves that is more then 30' above our own rooftop you can image the Grade of Angle going "down" or "up" that driveway on my Scooter and yet, it has NEVER LET ME DOWN ONCE!!! and I'm talking through rain in the Spring, a New (slippery, I might add) Paved Top in Summer, and now through most of Fall... with bright colored leaves and mass amounts of acorns strewn about! Not to mention the several trips through my mountainous Town where the sidewalks are shifted in some places over 3 inches, some sidewalks have gaping holes and some trails are just out-right mud. And, no matter how busy with people walking their dogs, cars racing through to see the fall foliage despite the fact that us "pedestrians" are supposed to have "the Right of Way" AND the fact that we have an extremely popular Town during this season so the quick turning-on-dime and "Stopping" quickly prior to some cute little one running full steam ahead directly at me to see the fun Little Red Bike with the Baskets... as the "little cuties" tend to love my "little cutie" too. And the Storage is AMAZING (and I do confess that I am a Shopaholic who LOVES to "shop local" so when my Shops see me coming... they know they've hit their "Monthly Quota". But the BEST part is... despite my serious back, wrists, ankle and both hip injuries... I STILL AM ABLE TO LIFT IT INTO MY CAR by simply placing my back wheels on my bumper and letting the Scooter just "guide and glide itself right into my trunk" with relative ease once I've taken the seat off... which takes me less than 5 seconds. Even MORE Wonderful... it fits easily in there despite my having a "Crossover style" Car and not my former SUV or even my CUV (both having tons of high and wide storage space). Nope, my car is A 2033 EV6 so please feel free to check out the rear specs in relation to your own trunk size if you're concerned about "fit". Last to mention, as I've said, my Glion Mini has not only gotten me up some high-angled rugged terrain but with a quick wipe to the wheels, it's perfect to go through the Mall to shop with my 19 year old (who walks as if she's late to everything and is nearly ever impossible to keep up with her speed as well as resilience to check every single store of that double floored Monster-of-building. But, no matter what, battery life has NEVER been an issue... I literally JUST CHARGED it 2 days ago since the very 1ST time I used it... and it had only JUST hit the "Yellow" marking. And as far as backing-up that little Scooty into a packed semi-round Elevator... anyone watching would have thought I was a professional Fork-Lift Driver because it was SO easy going within inches of where I needed to be... EVEN WHEN PARALLEL PARKING for the 1st Time (I was SO PROUD of myself I had to take a picture, lol). To wrap this review up, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS SCOOTER FOR ANYONE WHO IS: At least capable of using a Walker and probably not over 6' tall... although I have NOT yet tested out that last theory but I imagine it might feel a little too "mini" for them. ALL IN ALL IN ALL I GIVE THE Glion Mini ☆☆☆☆☆ AND WOULD EVEN "NOMINATE IT" AS "THE BEST SCOOTER" (in the Mobility Scooter or just The Scooter categories)!!! Ps... wish I could add pictures but it doesn't seem I can).
  2. Lilli Seaton

    Purchased the Glion Mini to use on vacations. Tried it for the first time at a week-long high school camp retreat. It handled like a charm! I had NO LIMITS in the entire camp! My little red Mini handled herself perfectly on rough pavement and various hills. I felt completely in control both up and downhill. P.S. All my high schoolers think it’s a cool ride!!!!
  3. Tom Geraldizo

    The Glion Mini M1 fits the bill on size and weight and ease of setting up and taking down and putting in and out of car. Very happy with our purchase so far.
  4. Christina Dorset

    Glion Mini M1 means freedom! I no longer have to depend on stores having a mart cart available so I can shop. I can shop anywhere, anytime I want now! The turning radius is wonderful! I can lift it into and out of my car without help! I'm 5FT tall, and the fit is roomy and perfect for me. Customer support is tremendous! CD
  5. grrretl

    The Glion Mini M1 takes the trophy as the easiest scooter to assemble. It took a total of 12 minutes!! [That includes opening the box, unpacking, and assembling.] It also fits in my car, a Chevy Spark, which is probably the smallest Chevy there is. [It takes no more than a few minutes to get it out of the car, unfold it, insert battery and attach seat.] Using it to go to the hospital where one has to walk from one wing to another. That can be a chore if you have certain medical issues. Now I just zip away wherever! Also taking it to the big stores! Went to Walmart for the first time since February of 2020. Getting the Mini is a very good decision!!!


  1. Clayton Hill

    PROVEN Products that shout quality craftsmanship, safety, and reliability! I've been a huge fan and supporter since 2014. Glion has GREAT Customer Service too! You're in good hands with Glion!
  2. Frank

    I have been riding this scooter for the past 2 years and it is a very useful in NYC, the good is that is it reliable and holds a charge pretty good and the portablity of this scooter is by far the best on the market. the little wheels to just be able to pull the scooter is perfect exactly made for a daily commuter who needs to fold up the scooter at some point. the Bad, I am pretty rough with it and had to change out the handle 2 times because it broke, its plastic and I think this should be made with a heavier handle becasue the weight of the scooter is not too important becasue you dont need to lift it up to carry.
  3. A. Fitzgerald

    Since places have started requiring people on site again, the commuter rail has gotten much more crowded. My previous scooter did not fold down compactly and didn’t lock. The folding handlebars makes a huge difference in its compactness. I can put it between my legs on the commuter or even in the top rack because it’s so compact. And the compactness doesn’t make it seem cheaper or anything, either. It feels really sturdy. The handle that pops out to wheel it works fine when I carry it by that, too (shortly just to move it), but per their instructional video you should carry it only when the handle pops out to the first stop. The full extension is for wheeling. I’m 5’8” and 240lbs and it works great for me even with my heavy backpack adding weight on.
  4. BlueSurfKarma

    I bought this 3 years ago and I love it. My only complaint is the shocks need to be improved because it hits hard but other than that it has been awesome. I leave it in my trunk and park far away when there is an event in the city and its busy with parking. I drop everyone off and ride in on my scooter back in and lock it up nearby with a cable lock through the tire.
  5. Oskar

    I've used this scooter as a daily commuter for the last three years. I cant believe it still holds a charge. I see so many scooters out there but none of them fold up to the size of this one. It's a little slower then those speedy ones but I still pass those pay via app rentals.
  6. Jay

    An incredible scooter and awesome design. I use it to commute around Philadelphia - as a student I love being able to fold it up and bring it inside with me. In addition, the customer service is the best I've ever seen, and was one of the reasons I purchased the Glion Dolly in the first place.They are friendly, responsive, and helpful. I had to get a repair and they made it really easy to ship it back and forth for the fix. At a reasonable price point, definitely consider getting this small but mighty scooter!
  7. Antoniomum

    About the Glion Dolly Model 225 The Glion Dolly is one of the best commuter E-Scooters on the market. The Glion Dolly features an anti-lock electronic brake, water resistant controls, and a patented vertical self-standing feature.
  8. Julie

    My husband bought 2. We have so much fun on these. We go cruising around town, and on the local bike trail. We have driven for an hour and still had a little battery left. Had them for a couple of years and they still work just as well as when we bought them.
  9. judith lamphier

    I Love mine. My husband always wanted to "borrow" it I bought a second one for him so I would always have mine available. Now we ride everywhere together. It s great!
  10. Jojo ferrer

    I have two dollys now very reliable🥰🥰🥰customer service is above and hooked with glion 🥰
  11. Olivier

    An absolute beast of a little scooter! I got it as a gift a year back and I use it to commute in Charleston to and from classes. It's fantastic to have in a small city it gets me just about everywhere I need to be quickly and reliably. The build quality is what I was most impressed with. It has never let me down has plenty of battery life and is easy to use. Not the fastest scooter on the marker but its hard to beats its portability. A little pricey but I have saved hundreds not having to find transportation every day.
  12. Carol

    I love my Glion Dolly 225!!!!! It was bought prior to the pandemic in 2019 because of my $2.75 commute on the train to and from work. No more waiting and wasting time on public transportation which can be so unreliable. Post pandemic? I don’t have to worry about social distancing and I am still saving money!!!!
  13. EQuinn

    I live in NYC and use the Dolly to commute to work. It's awesome and potholes, bumps you name it this thing is built like a tank.
  14. Goddess

    I’ve been riding the scooter now for about two months in New York City. It’s a good scooter! It’s lightweight convenient and it folds so I can bring it in a store while I shop, and put it under the shopping cart. It only took about two or three days for me to really feel comfortable and confident riding it. It’s fun and easy! It gets me where I need to go on one charge with no problem. It’s not even necessary to charge it every time you ride it you can just charge it like once or twice per week. Perfect for avoiding public transportation during the pandemic.