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From the dual mode to the swappable battery, Balto was made with daily life in mind. Plus, when purchased with an inverter, Balto transforms into a powerful, 500-watt portable power station—a feature no e-scooter or e-bike has offered before.

Front and rear brake.

Basket and dual purpose cargo rack/vertical stand are sold separately.


  • Assembled Balto Scooter
  • 2A Charger
  • 36V 10.5Ah Battery
  • Seat Attachment
  • Rearview Mirror Handlebar Attachment

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New & Notable Features

New Portable Power Station

Balto’s swappable battery transforms into a powerful and portable 500-watt AC power station when purchased with the inverter.

New Swappable Battery

Battery running low? With Balto, you can easily swap in your spare and enjoy the ride for another 20 miles per charge. Plus, the water-resistant design guarantees you’ll glide on without worry—rain or shine.

New Bright Lights

Enjoy a night ride with Balto’s new lighting system. From high-powered headlights to ultra-bright side lights and brake lights, the upgrades keep you seen and safe at all hours.

New Dual Mode

On your feet all day? Balto quickly transforms into a moped with the included seat attachment. Get comfortable, and even let the basket (sold separately) carry your bags.

New Spacious Platform

A ride on an e-scooter should never leave you feeling cramped. With Balto, you’ll enjoy a new spacious platform. Go ahead, stretch out.

Same Iconic Portability

While Balto boasts plenty of new features, we made sure to keep the patented dolly and vertical self-standing design you know and love.  (Dual purpose cargo/standing rack sold separately).

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About the Product

Up to 20 miles per charge*
Up to 17 mph
38 pounds
New swappable battery
New spacious platform
New dual-purpose cargo/vertical self-standing feature (sold separately)
New lighting system
New rearview mirror
New front and rear disc brakes
New 12" pneumatic tires
New optional inverter
Same patented dolly design for maximum portability

Included in the Package:

  • Assembled Balto Scooter
  • 2A Charger
  • 36V 10.5Ah Battery
  • Seat Attachment
  • Rearview Mirror Handlebar Attachment

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Scooter Height

Scooter Length
48" with no rack
50" with rack

Seat Height (Adjustable)
26.5" - 33.5" from ground

Foot Deck Dimensions 
17.5” x 9”

Seat Dimensions
12” x 8”

Scooter Height (Folded)

Handlebar Width

Folded Depth

Product Info

Brand: Glion
Model: X2


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Balto Specifications

Maximum rider weight: 255 lbs/115 kg
Weight (with battery): 38 lbs/17 kg
Top speed: 17 mph/27Kmh
Estimated Range per charge: 20 miles/32 km*
Motor: Peak 750W geared brushless hub motor
Battery: Samsung 36V 10.5 Ah
Battery charge time: 5 hours 100% (Optional 3A Charger: 3 hours)
Charger input voltage: 100-240V
Battery cycle life: 1000+ cycles (3-5 years)
Frame: Steel frame with 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy (powder-coated)
Tires: 12-inch pneumatic tires
Charger and horn included
Dual Purpose Cargo/Vertical Self Standing Rack and Basket sold separately
Size folded: 48 x 24 x 16 inches/122 x 61 x 40 cm
Inverter and Optional 3A charger sold separately
Cargo rack weight limit: 25lbs/11.33kg

*Estimated range measured with no wind, at 75 degrees F, the scooter’s fully charged to ride at an even speed of 15 mph on a flat surface with a load of 170 pounds.

Inverter Specifications

Output: 500W (Peak 750W) 120v, 60 Hz
Input: 30v – 42v DC

Sold as an optional accessory.

Models X1 and X2


4 reviews for Balto X2

  1. George Henry (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered and now have 1 yr. 9 mo. service from my Balto. Fantastic machine. Love mine. A GREAT value! It’s my land transportation, kept on my sailboat. I also use my 2 Dollys as “last mile” solutions carried in my SUVs. Love them, too!

  2. Hector Rosales

    Great scooter, surprisingly torquey, and very comfortable. I have to comment on the review from Min because he claims a lower range then expected. Make sure your tires are filled to max pressure because this will make the biggest difference in range besides weight and terrain. If you ride on sidewalks and are constantly stopping then this will drain the battery faster as well since it uses more power every time you stop as opposed to riding in bike lanes and paved bike trails. This scooter has the potential to go over 20 miles on flat ground without any stops so it all depends on your weight, tire pressure and riding style.

  3. Nino Pereira (verified owner)

    I’ve used the Balto since early 2021, in a city environment. The scooter is ideal for taking your (small) child to school, thanks to its wide step and the luggage rack. The range is fine for my purposes.
    The sole problem that was not my own fault has been dealt with quickly and professionally by the technical staff at glion. This is a gradual fading of the brake. Glion sent me a replacement brake assembly, under warranty, which solved the problem. This excellent support gives me a lot of confidence in the scooter’s quality: I hope to enjoy it for many years to come.

  4. Min (verified owner)

    The goods: Lori, has been great at answering all my questions from the moment I took interest in Balto to the moment I received the delivery.
    -Balto has lot of good features and well thought out safety features like the front light, back light and deck lights that have turn signals.
    -Dolly, nice loud horn, bright front lights with wide beam and long beam in one headlight, basket, rack that is dual feature, rear view mirror, 12″ pneumatic air tires absorb really well and it feels good on the road, seat is included, looks unique compare to other scooters because it is hybrid moped. Battery in cased well so it looks like it is rain proofed. Scooter feels sturdy.

    The bads: Ordered Balto on a pre-order. Received couple of months later due to delivery 2 issues, on the part of oversea delivery to Balto company.
    -Motor has very whining sound, that gets more amplified once it touches the ground as you ride.
    -The range did not get me the stated distance. I ride with no seat, no rack or the basket and nothing added on. I am a 185- 190lbs person and carry no bag or any type of additional weight besides my 10oz helmet. I also ride in slow mode of 12mph, which is good enough for me as I ride for casual/fun not a power hungry speed demon. I get roughly 13-14 miles of distance. Good thing I bought the second battery. Looks like I’ll be using backpack to carry the 2nd battery.
    -The deck is made of honeycomb plastic, I was surprised. I assume this has to do with limiting weight. I did not feel unsafe but time will tell the longevity of this plastic deck.

    Recommendation to Glion:
    -For X2…3 to 5 miles longer battery range
    -Lessen the whining motor noise decibel
    -Maybe another 5mph for people who enjoy little more speed
    3 addition would make X1 version 2 or X2 a perfect moped/scooter hybrid

    Balto X1 has good potential.

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